I was born in Newcastle (Mayfield) in 1934 and lived in various suburbs until 1955 when I trained as a teacher and was posted to Sydney  where I lived, worked and brought up  my family.  As a child, I remember only one art lesson at school but constantly drew in the back of my exercise books or any other scrap paper I  could find. I began painting  when I was eight, when my ceiling-hanging collection of bland balsa aeroplanes demanded colour.  Meanwhile my outdoor interests gave me a deep love of nature and especially the sea, often to the exasperation of my parents.

     At 22 in Sydney , I sold my first paintings ( “Germanic Legend” (w/c) and “Sunrise” (Oil)) at local council exhibitions. I further trained at the National Art School (Paddington), where apart from painting I developed a lifelong passion for ceramics under Peter Rushworth.  I spent 2years writing and designing art lessons  for 3rd- 6th class children for the Blackfriars Correspondence School . This was followed by 6 years working with primary teachers in the field to build their teaching resources and approaches.  I returned to teaching art at high school level and then spent six years  training teachers at Macquarie University. During the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s I continued to exhibit and sell my work and to travel to Europe to study the work of great artists.

    In Sydney, I became the president of an art group called The Arcadian Artists, the first of its kind,  where 30-40 artists  displayed their work  in 8-12 venues across the Hills District of Sydney. It was a very popular event attracting visitors from far and wide.

    My painting, in watercolour, oils, acrylic, and pastel focusses on landscape, seascape, still life, abstraction and mythical subjects. I work from nature but my subjects now come mostly from experimenting with media and exercises in scribbling, smudging, calligraphy and free paint application.  



Featured Work by Gordon Finlayson

Fishing Village
Media: WatercolourSize: 72x54cmFrame: Framed$500For Sale
French Farm
Media: WatercolourSize: 77x67cmFrame: Framed$600For Sale
Size: 86x68cmFrame: Framed$550For Sale
Media: WatercolourSize: 73x57cmFrame: Framed$500For Sale
Media: WatercolourSize: 83x52cmFrame: Framed$500For Sale
Media: WatercolourSize: 76x56cmFrame: Unframed$250For Sale
Colo Afternoon
Media: WatercolourSize: 71x51cmFrame: Framed$400For Sale
Ancient Signs
Media: WatercolourSize: 55x41cmFrame: Unframed$180For Sale
Media: WatercolourSize: 57x70cmFrame: Framed$500For Sale
Summer Afternoon Myall Lakes
Media: WatercolourSize: 96x66cmFrame: Framed$600For Sale
Beach Stroll
Media: WatercolourSize: 38x23cmFrame: Unframed$150For Sale