All of the members of the Newcastle & Lake Macquarie Art Society are artists who create original and interesting works that are available for purchase.

If you are interested in purchasing art please click on the individual artists below to view a gallery of their work. Please email the individual artists or the Newcastle & Lake Macquarie Art Society for more information on purchasing artwork and freight costs.

Barbara Steyn

Drawing and painting is something I have always enjoyed, with nature as a great inspiration. I like to try different mediums and styles. All my paintings are my original work and I use only artist quality paints.

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John Hastings

John started doing art at the age of just 7 years old. At the age of 12 he won an award in the Newcastle Children’s Art Show (1957), and in 1960 he studied at the Art Training Institute of Melbourne. In 1961 he studied art at Brodie Mack Art School in Sydney. While working at […]

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Bronwen Tyler

I had always enjoyed sketching but never pursued this in a systematic way. I always wanted to paint but could not find the time (work, family commitments and horse) till I gave up my horses in 2009. I went in search of a medium that would appeal to me.

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Bruno Wein

Bruno has won many awards and commendation at major and local art shows. Bruno has also done numerous commissions for private works. His works also are shown at private galleries throughout Newcastle, the Hunter and Sydney regions. A member of the Newcastle Art Society Inc, and the Society of Artists Newcastle and also Australian Society […]

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Jenny Elks

Jenny has been painting for more than 20 years and enjoys painting a variety of subjects with an emphasis on water scenes and birds. She mainly uses watercolour and occasionally other mediums such as acrylic, pastel and ink. She has won many awards and regularly exhibits with the Newcastle Art Society and the Society of […]

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Kaylene Gayner

Kaylene started painting in 2009 and was immediately hooked, loving to paint whenever she get the chance. She is largely self-taught but does attend the occasional workshop to broaden her knowledge. She works mainly with acrylic and inks, and enjoys experimenting with the wide variety of paints and mediums available. The inspiration for most of […]

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Kate Belton

Kate is best known for her work painting with inks and mixed media on canvas as well as her teaching in the decorative arts and crafts. A self taught artist, Kate has spent the better part of two decades living and working at Lake Macquarie, New South Wales where both the beauty of the lake […]

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Susan Eve

  Susan Eve is a mainly self taught artist based in Lake Macquarie NSW Australia. Becoming a finalist in The Lake Art Prize 2020 was a highlight in Susan’s art journey, which began with a lifelong love of art and creating. After exhibiting her pen and wash drawings locally in the 1980’s art took a […]

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Wendy Lesniak

Wendy was born in the seaside suburb of Merewether, Newcastle.  Later she moved out to Lake Macquarie where she still resides. Her love of Newcastle and the lake can be seen in many of her paintings of these areas. Wendy also paints contemporary, flora and fauna with her medium being either watercolour or pastel. Wendy […]

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Robert Loughran

Studied art to School Certificate level, St Philip’s Grammar School, Birmingham, England. Emigrated to Australia in 1965, after studying at King’s College (Durham University), Newcastle upon Tyne and teaching geography and physics at Gosforth Grammar School, Northumberland. Was a member of the academic staff at the University of New England (Armidale) and The University of […]

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Geoff Gunness

Geoff is relatively new to the Art World. Upon retiring from the workforce in mid 2013, he became time-rich and picked up his pencils again after a 24 year break. Concentrating on the built environment, Geoff over the last few years has sketched a variety of subject matter including; heritage colonial buildings, jetties and structures, […]

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Robyn Spruce

Robyn is renowned for her watercolour paintings of birds, animals, flowers, underwater scenes and art deco figures. She has won many awards in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley, the Central Coast and South Coast regions.  

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Karen Pearson

Karen has always been interested in art from an early age. She lives in beautiful Lake Macquarie. She has recently left work to concentrate on her Art and a Counselling business. Previously she lived in Sydney and was a member of the Sydney Watercolour Institute exhibiting in various galleries. She has studied with many wonderful […]

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Elly Lam

Elly Lam relocated to Australia from Hong Kong eight years ago and took up art as a hobby but now due to her increased passion and enjoyment, she spends her days painting in her home studio at Wangi Wangi overlooking the tranquil waters of Lake Macquarie and backdrop of Pulbah Island.   Elly not only […]

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Cathy Pitman

I have been dabbling with painting and drawing since I was a child and enjoy it immensely but work and family take over,  the time flies the next thing you know you have time on your hands again. I have been painting with Kate Belton at Tinkat Art for 22 years with acrylics and started […]

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Carol McCrohon

Carol is best known for her wonderful watercolour and acrylics of beautiful Lake Macquarie, together with specialising in rose paintings for which she has achieved numerous awards. Carol is also happy to take commissions. Ph:   0423384431

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Maria Camilleri

Maria Camilleri is an artist working mainly in acrylics, acrylic inks, soft pastels and pastel pencils. Her work is inspired by her love of travel which introduces a vast amount of inspiration through different sights and cultures. A love of animals is obvious as they feature in much of her work, especially endangered species. Her […]

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Sharon Thomas

My artistic journey for me started when I was very young. My passion as an artist quickly developed, specialising in many mediums. Expressing my deep connection with the earth, colours, light and experiences of places and wildlife I love. My organic, modern yet traditional style of art allows me to share my stories as well […]

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Janelle Gibbon-Heath

Art by Nell Studio was born during COVID.   I have always loved being creative and running an Event Management Company, my Company went into hibernation when COVID hit.  This left me not knowing how to spend my time.   My sister gifted me Art Classes in October 2020, so in November I started attending […]

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Janelle Cookson

Janelle Cookson is a local Artist from Lake Macquarie, New South Wales.  Janelle first started painting when she was 15 and after a long break got back to Art almost 20 years ago.  Taking what she has learned in classes, and the inspiration from her Australian & Overseas travels, Janelle began leading her own path […]

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Chris Jacob

Chris is a local artist, who exhibits regularly with the Central Coast Watercolour Society, and Newcastle and Lake Macquarie Art Society. Chris mainly paints in watercolours and oils, although occasionally branching out to acrylics, inks and mixed media. She has attended many art workshops and demonstrations.  You can view some of her art on her […]

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Sue Van Oosterom

Sue has loved drawing her entire life, but discovered gouache and then watercolour in her 40’s.  Since then she has been learning new techniques, especially since retiring and moving to Lake Macquarie recently.  She is eager to try all this wonderful art community has to offer. Her passion for animals and nature has given her […]

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Margaret Heslop

Margaret commenced painting in 2018 as a hobby and has enjoyed painting birds, animals, flowers and landscapes from personal observation, photos and suggestions from family and friends. She has been exhibiting since July 2019 and is pleased to see her work displayed in exhibitions and in purchasers’ homes. She has continued to experiment with various […]

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Michelle Strang

My interest in art began many years ago but my active participation began upon my retirement. A love of nature is my primary motivation. I find art very therapeutic & allows experimentation with colour and texture mainly in acrylics and inks.

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Eleanor Anson

For Eleanor art is a passion and she delights in producing works that are both innovative and unique always striving to develop new and exciting subject matter and techniques. For a 4 year period, Eleanor was a tutor at the Hunter Community College in Newcastle until its closure. She has taught both children and adult […]

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Merran Kilgour

During my 47-year art career, my work has been influenced by where I live (the Hunter Valley NSW), where I have travelled and what I love. Colour and how it behaves has never ceased to fascinate me and I’ve attempted to capture the many moods of the Australian landscape along with flower studies in oil […]

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Denise Ellis

I started to play with art after an early retirement due to deafness. I tried all mediums till finding my niche with acrylics. In 2014 I received a Cochlear implant which gave me the confidence to explore more of the art world.I joined self-help classes at U3a in 2016. Then started to attend the occasional class with […]

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