Art by Nell Studio was born during COVID.   I have always loved being creative and running an Event Management Company, my Company went into hibernation when COVID hit.  This left me not knowing how to spend my time.   My sister gifted me Art Classes in October 2020, so in November I started attending TinKat Alley Studio, I have filled my days while my company has been in hibernation with art, and I love it.  I am pleased to share that I have already sold several of my paintings.


If you would like to follow my journey, I have Instagram @ArtbyNellStudio or you can contact me by phone on 0438409350 or email

Featured Work by Janelle Gibbon-Heath

Rainbow Lorikeets
Media: AcrylicSize: 70x25cmFrame: Stretched Canvas$190For Sale
The Battle Continues
Media: AcrylicSize: 60x30cmFrame: Stretched Canvas$240For Sale
Beach Reflections
Media: AcrylicSize: 90x45cmFrame: Stretched Canvas$240For Sale
Bird on a Rope
Media: AcrylicSize: 60x60cmFrame: Stretched Canvas$240For Sale
Pearls of the Sea
Media: AcrylicSize: 25x51cmFrame: Stretched Canvas$190For Sale
Resting on the Wharf
Media: AcrylicSize: 30x61cmFrame: Stretched Canvas$240For Sale
Caves Beach
Media: AcrylicSize: 90x45cmFrame: Stretched Canvas$350For Sale
You Can Smell The Salt
Media: AcrylicSize: 60x50cmFrame: Stretched Canvas$550For Sale
Media: AcrylicSize: 60x50cmFrame: Stretched Canvas$350For Sale
Media: AcrylicSize: 90x60cmFrame: Stretched Canvas$600For Sale