Elly Lam relocated to Australia from Hong Kong eight years ago and took up art as a hobby but now due to her increased passion and enjoyment, she spends her days painting in her home studio at Wangi Wangi overlooking the tranquil waters of Lake Macquarie and backdrop of Pulbah Island.


Elly not only finds art enjoyable but also quite relaxing. Wanting to learn more, she completed a Diploma in Fine Arts at TAFE.   Her preference is to produce works using acrylic paints.


Elly prefers to create works that demonstrate her cheeky personality. Some of her paintings really display this. Elly continues to exhibit her work in many group showings and also recently held a solo exhibition purely to “tick” something off her bucket list.




Featured Work by Elly Lam

Lake Macquarie – Red Hot Pokers
Media: AcrylicSize: 50x40cmFrame: Stretched Canvas$580For Sale
Winner Winner
Media: AcrylicSize: 61x91cmFrame: Stretched Canvas$680Sold
Pink Robins and Daffodils – 1
Media: AcrylicSize: 94x46cmFrame: Stretched Canvas$880Sold
Newcastle Pink Cloud
Media: AcrylicSize: 61x91cmFrame: Stretched Canvas$680Sold
Lake Macquarie Kookaburras
Media: AcrylicSize: 91x61cmFrame: Stretched Canvas$850Sold
Lake Macquarie Sunset 1
Media: AcrylicSize: 92x46cmFrame: Stretched Canvas$680Sold
Blue Wrens
Media: AcrylicSize: 61x61cmFrame: Stretched Canvas$680For Sale
Merewether Ocean Baths – 8
Media: AcrylicSize: 76x50cmFrame: Stretched Canvas$680Sold
Redhead Beach
Media: AcrylicSize: 51x76cmFrame: Stretched Canvas$550Sold
Parsley Bay
Media: AcrylicSize: 75x51cmFrame: Stretched Canvas$680Sold
The Lake – Yacht
Media: AcrylicSize: 91x46cmFrame: Stretched Canvas$680Sold
Nobbys Beach – 7
Media: AcrylicSize: 91x61cmFrame: Stretched Canvas$480Sold