My artistic journey for me started when I was very young. My passion as an artist quickly developed, specialising in many mediums. Expressing my deep connection with the earth, colours, light and experiences of places and wildlife I love.

My organic, modern yet traditional style of art allows me to share my stories as well as the stories of the exquisite selection wildlife, landscapes, seascapes and everything else in between. Simply being at a location breathing in the fresh air or sharing space with an animal or bird is enough for me to feel spiritually energised to share what I’ve felt on paper or canvas.

I want my art to invite the viewer to a personal place or movement within themselves. Feeling the vitality of nature, spiritually feel the story of the painting and enjoy the moment.

Featured Work by Sharon Thomas

Hunter Valley Vineyards
Media: Mixed MediaSize: 50x50cmFrame: Stretched Canvas$250For Sale
The last Scottish Sheep Dog
Media: WatercolourSize: 67x50cmFrame: Framed$390For Sale
Summer storm at Nobby’s
Media: WatercolourSize: 67x50cmFrame: Framed$390For Sale
Ocean Chorus at Nobby’s
Media: Acrylic InkSize: 51x40cmFrame: Framed$380For Sale
Finding the Sun
Media: PastelSize: 42x59cmFrame: Framed$380For Sale
Mermaid Haven
Media: Mixed MediaSize: 41x61cmFrame: Stretched Canvas$290For Sale
Golden beauty
Media: PastelSize: 42x59cmFrame: Framed$380For Sale
Galahs in the sand
Media: AcrylicSize: 46x35cmFrame: Stretched Canvas$250For Sale
Friendly Fox
Media: Mixed MediaSize: 30x21cmFrame: Framed$145For Sale
Neopolitan Ice Cream
Media: Acrylic InkSize: 50x65cmFrame: Framed$250For Sale
Enjoying the sunset (Lorikeets)
Media: AcrylicSize: 30x40cmFrame: Stretched Canvas$180For Sale
Going with the flow (Starfish)
Media: WatercolourSize: 34x44cmFrame: Framed$170For Sale
Deep Friendship
Media: WatercolourSize: 44x54cmFrame: Framed$280For Sale
My Little Rosie
Media: WatercolourSize: 31x39cmFrame: Framed$170For Sale