Maria Camilleri is an artist working mainly in acrylics, acrylic inks, soft pastels and pastel pencils. Her work is inspired by her love of travel which introduces a vast amount of inspiration through different sights and cultures. A love of animals is obvious as they feature in much of her work, especially endangered species. Her love of diving adds to her depiction of the under sea world. All adding to her philosophy “if it evokes an emotion it must be painted”. The sale of her art helps her contribute to several environmental charities.

Featured Work by Maria Camilleri

Same, Same But Different
Media: InkSize: 30x61cmFrame: Stretched Canvas$150For Sale
Media: InkSize: 61x45cmFrame: Stretched Canvas$200For Sale
Sea Horse
Media: PastelSize: 25x35cmFrame: Framed$240For Sale
Young Bull Elephant
Media: PastelSize: 25x35cmFrame: Framed$290For Sale
Out To Dry
Media: AcrylicSize: 64x48cmFrame: Framed$250For Sale
Media: AcrylicSize: 48x64cmFrame: Framed$250For Sale
Blue and Yellow Macaw
Media: AcrylicSize: 41x30cmFrame: Stretched Canvas$180For Sale
Extreme Red Macaw
Media: AcrylicSize: 41x30cmFrame: Stretched Canvas$180For Sale
Still Life with Pomegranates
Media: AcrylicSize: 61x46cmFrame: Stretched Canvas$280For Sale
Retro Dreams
Media: AcrylicSize: 87x67cmFrame: Framed$320For Sale