Margaret commenced painting in 2018 as a hobby and has enjoyed
painting birds, animals, flowers and landscapes from personal
observation, photos and suggestions from family and friends.
She has been exhibiting since July 2019 and is pleased to see her
work displayed in exhibitions and in purchasers’ homes. She has
continued to experiment with various water-colour methods under the
tutelage of well-respected Artist Dorothy Compton (TAOTOCS)

Featured Work by Margaret Heslop

Red Hot Pokers
Media: WatercolourSize: 61x47cmFrame: Framed$280For Sale
The Old Cart
Media: WatercolourSize: 52x42cmFrame: Framed$280For Sale
Sunday Sailing
Media: WatercolourSize: 72x57cmFrame: Framed$300For Sale
Seen Better Days
Media: WatercolourSize: 45x37cmFrame: Framed$240For Sale
Magnolia Magic
Media: WatercolourSize: 36x45cmFrame: Framed$90For Sale
A Restful Spot
Media: WatercolourSize: 40x32cmFrame: Framed$240For Sale
Apple Fairy
Media: WatercolourSize: 22x25cmFrame: Framed$80For Sale