Kaylene started painting in 2009 and was immediately hooked, loving to paint whenever she get the chance. She is largely self-taught but does attend the occasional workshop to broaden her knowledge. She works mainly with acrylic and inks, and enjoys experimenting with the wide variety of paints and mediums available. The inspiration for most of her work comes from the environment around her and from travelling this beautiful country. It’s a great thrill for Kaylene when a person likes her paintings enough to purchase one, and she hopes you enjoy viewing her work as much as she enjoys producing it. Kaylene is happy to do commissions on request.

Featured Work by Kaylene Gayner

Outback Beauty
Media: InkSize: 54x70cmFrame: Framed$350For Sale
‘Karlu Karlu’ The Devil’s Marbles N.T.
Media: AcrylicSize: 50x40cmFrame: Framed$250For Sale
Media: AcrylicSize: 60x60cmFrame: Framed$300For Sale
Angel’s Reef
Media: AcrylicSize: 36x71cmFrame: Stretched Canvas$250For Sale
Ocean Flow
Media: AcrylicSize: 76x50cmFrame: Stretched Canvas$300For Sale
On the Reef
Media: AcrylicSize: 46x92cmFrame: Stretched Canvas$300For Sale
Emerald Springs
Media: AcrylicSize: 60x76cmFrame: Stretched Canvas$300For Sale
Coral Reef
Media: AcrylicSize: 50x76cmFrame: Stretched Canvas$850Sold
Media: AcrylicSize: 76x50cmFrame: Stretched Canvas$300For Sale
Media: InkSize: 30x40cmFrame: Framed$300For Sale
Silvery Moon
Media: Mixed MediaSize: 46x92cmFrame: Stretched Canvas$200Sold
The Ducks of Stratford Upon Avon
Media: AcrylicSize: 91x46cmSold