Kaylene Gayner Wins Des Vout Memorial Award

30/10/2018 – ‘It’s Crunch Time’ by Kaylene Gayner is this year’s winner of the Des Vout Memorial Award at Belmont Citi Centre. Congratulations Kaylene, who not only won 1st prize for this beautiful, vibrant lorikeet but also a Highly commended for ‘Angel’s Reef’. Congratulations also to Pamela Rose who took out 2nd place with her wonderful watercolour ‘Young Zebra’. A big thank you to this year’s judge, Helene Ruma, who’s time and expertise are greatly appreciated!

Well done to all our place winners:          1st:   ‘It’s Crunch Time’ – Kaylene Gayner             2nd:   ‘Young Zebra’ – Pamela Rose

Highly Commended:                     ‘Thunder Blue Skies’ – Enid Simpson;       ‘Lake Macquarie’ – Wendy Lesniak;       ‘Building A Nest’ – Robyn Spruce                                                                                                ‘Snowscape’ – Susan Eve;       ‘Angel’s Reef’- Kaylene Gayner

Commended:                                  ‘Country Road’ – Kathy Louden;       ‘High Tide’ – Suzi O’Brien;      ‘Island Lighthouse’ – Black Crow Walking;                                                                                                           ‘Autumn Brilliance’ – Bronwen Tyler;       ‘Morning Shadows’ – Garth Cooksey;      ‘Lake Scene 1’ – Carol McCrohan