NALMAS Artists Presented With Their Certificates

At our September 2022 monthly NALMAS meeting, winners were presented with their Certificates.

Prizes given were for the Belmont Golf & Bowls Exhibition and the Lake Macquarie Square Exhibitions.


Winners were:


Belmont Golf & Bowls Art Exhibition

1st Place:  Kate Belton for “Poppie Seed Heads”

2nd Place:  Kaylene Gayner for “Riverside

Highly Commended: were Kerry Woodcock and Gina Utterson.


Lake Macquarie Square Art Exhibitio

1st Place:  Vlado KRSTEVSKI for “Hamilton”

2nd Place  Carol Mc Crohon for “Valentine Bay”

Highly Commended:  Susan Eve,  Wendy Lesniak and Judy O’Neil

Commended:  Cathy Pitman, Sharon Thomas, Janet DeVries and Susan Eve