John Hunter Hospital Exhibition Going Strong

04/12/2016 – The exhibition at John Hunter Hospital has been on for 4 weeks and is proving a huge success. Not only are our paintings brightening the walls of level 3, but we have had 9 paintings sold so far! This is fantastic news – not only for the selling artist and the owner of a beautiful work of art, but also for the hospital, as a percentage of each sale goes toward¬†the purchase of new equipment. It’s a great way to be able to give back to the community and to support this vital hospital. The huge variety of work on display highlights the diversity of our artists and means there is something to appeal to everyone. Patients and visitors to the hospital can be calmed by the presence of art, even without realizing, and the changing exhibitions add interest to those who are there more frequently. This is the second time we have exhibited at the hospital, with this current exhibition continuing til late January.