Lake Macquarie Fair Exhibition Begins

22/08/16 – Our latest exhibition opened today at Lake Macquarie Fair, Mt Hutton, twenty years after  the centre first hosted the Ellen Kilpatrick Award in 1996. We are lucky to still have Ellen judging our entries – and to still have some of the same artists participating. The exhibition this year is located in two sections with over 130 works of art. Judging took place this morning, with 1st place going to new member Linda Camac for her wonderful work ‘Paper Barks Mungo Brush’ (pictured). Congratulations to all our winners! The full list are as follows:

1st:  Linda Camac – Paper Bark Mungo Brush;  2nd:  Suzanne Gorring – Milk Separator;                  Highly Commended:  Colleen Fletcher – Getting Together;  Geoff Gunness – Awaba House                       Commended:  Ernest Kelly – Apple Tree Flat Mudgee;  Kaylene Gayner – Lorikeets                                     President’s Award:  Kerry Woodcock – Look at Us